RootArt - Kurumsal


Köksal Furniture started manufacturing in Siteler, Ankara in 1964. In 1992, lt moved  to  its  factory with an indoor area  of  7.100 m2 which is  located on 10.200 m2 area in 1. Organized Industry Zone, Ankara. Today  it continues  manufacturing  with  its  developing  machine  park  and experience built-up over years.

Beside the production in the areas at which wood and panel products are used, it has completed many important projects and contract based works. Since 2010, it has stepped to the manufacturing of garden and outdoor furniture consisting a product range of its own design. As a result of the increase of demand, Köksal Furniture renewed its machines and automatised its production.

The plant has a current processing capacity of 1.500  m3 per year. Since 2014, Köksal Furniture has continued with Rootart Brand whose models most of which have Design Registration Certificate.
Rootart is an inovative Turkish brand making production at high quality standards.


The tree lroko which is used in our production is a large hardwood tree grows in the mid and west countries of Africa. It is naturally rich in oils which makes it water repellent. Thus there is no bacterial cultures and as a result , is a rot resistant wood. It is resistant to the rain , wind , moisture , sunlight and cold. The use of it is convenient for the slicing and coating of the outdoor furniture. The color of the tree lroko is nonhomogeneous yellow. The wood color darkens to a richer brown over time when it gets in contact with sunlight and the oxygen. It gains a homogeneous image. Iroko , is preferred in severe climate conditions for parquet, boat and outdoor furniture.